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City Staff

Below is a listing of the City of Grosse Pointe Staff.


Name Position Email Phone
 Lisa Akers Court Administrator gpccourt@grossepointecity.org 313-343-5262
Julie E. Arthurs Asst. City Manager/Clerk jarthurs@grossepointecity.org 313-885-5800
Terry Brennan Building Inspector tbrennan@grossepointecity.org 313-885-5800
Peter J. Dame City Manager pjdame@grossepointecity.org 313-885-5800
Eric Dunlap City Assessor assessor@grossepointecity.org 313-885-5800
Christopher M. Hardenbrook    
Director of Parks & Recreation chardenbrook@grossepointecity.org    313-343-5257
Kimberly Kleinow Finance Director/Treasurer kkleinow@grossepointecity.org 313-417-1170
Brian Kress
Public Services Supervisor/
Code Enforcement
Stephen Poloni Public Safety Director polonis@grossepointedps.org 313-886-3200
Pete Randazzo Public Services Director prandazzo@grossepointecity.org 313-417-1181
Patrick Thomas
Public Services Supervisor pthomas@grossepointecity.org 313-885-5800
Brian Colter
Forester bcolter@grossepointecity.org 313-885-5800
Derek Branny Parking Supervisor dbranny@grossepointecity.org 313-885-5800
Kirk VanOpdenbosch
Public Services Supervisor
kvanopdenbosch@grossepointecity.org 313-417-1188
Department of Public Works