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Mayor's Message

Mayor Dale N. Scrace

Welcome to the City of Grosse Pointe website.  As Mayor, it is my pleasure to offer you a brief, but heartfelt introduction.  Our City is a great place to live and locate your business or professional practice.  Having lived with my wife in the City of Grosse Pointe and raising our two sons here, I can speak from experience, that there is no better place to call home. We are blessed with wonderful churches, excellent public schools, several private clubs; a wonderful swimming pool facility and marina at Norbert Neff Park and three separate shopping districts: Fisher Road, Mack Avenue and "The Village" on Kercheval Avenue.  The City also offers many community organizations for a wide variety of sporting activities. 

The proud and professional staff of the various departments of our great city are the very best you can hope to work with.  Under the leadership of the City Manager and the Director of Public Safety, the men and women who comprise our staff are available to assist you and your family.  The City Council members are all-long time residents who exhibit the very best of community service. They offer leadership, and are always working to blend the contemporary aspects of a modern lifestyle with the traditional values that are Grosse Pointe.  We also have one of the last Municipal Courts in Michigan, and our Judge maintains a fair and even hand in the interpretations of our laws and ordinances.

Again, to our residents and those looking for a place to relocate your family, business or professional practices, welcome to the City of Grosse Pointe.

Photo Courtesy of The Portrait Place