Monday, February 08, 2016
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Sharing Dispatch Services

Grosse Pointe-wide Committee Recommends Sharing Dispatch Services

Elected and appointed representatives of all the Grosse Pointes have recommended to the their respective City Councils that the Grosse Pointe communities share 911 dispatching services. This ad hoc group, convened at the urging of the City of Grosse Pointe’s Ad Hoc Citizen Budget Committee last year, has been researching this since the Fall of 2010. The City’s Citizen Committee urged that public safety services be reviewed for potential efficiencies by coordinating with all of the Grosse Pointes. Through their survey responses, Grosse Pointe City residents strongly endorsed the concept of pursuing cost savings through sharing dispatching services with the City’s neighboring communities.

The Ad Hoc Committee recommended that the sharing of 911 services be pursued in phases to save on up front capital costs, with the ultimate goal of having a single dispatch center serve all five Grosse Pointes.  The report approved by the Committee is available on the City website.  Grosse Pointe City is following up on the recommendations by reviewing proposals from other Grosse Pointe communities to combine operations, and a recommendation will be presented to the City Council later this year for consideration.