Public Safety & Public Services Facilities Bond Proposal

Public Safety Building Groundbreaking Ceremony - May 3, 2019


Pictured Above:  Mayor and City Council Members, City Manager, Public Safety Director and Project Architects and Builder.


Pictured Above Left:  Grosse Pointe Deputy Chief, Lieutenant, Sergeants and Public Safety Officers

Pictured Above Right:  Grosse Pointe Public Safety Directors L-R, City/Park, Woods, Farms, Shores

 Representatives from Partners in Architecture and DeMaria Builders


 Public Safety                             
 Public Works                          




Construction Approved for the Public Facilities Projects - October 15, 2018

Council Approves Public Works and Court Site Plan:

Public Works and Court Site Plan Presentation - September 17, 2018

Public Works & Court Site Plan Submission

City Council Directs Staff to Preserve Original Part of Public Safety Building on Maumee – August 20, 2018  

Court and Council Chamber would be Relocated to 1st Floor Where the Fire Truck Bays Are

Council approves Public Safety Site Plan on Mack – August 20, 2018




After setting a goal for 2016-17 of developing a plan to address long-standing deficiencies in the City’s Public Safety and Services buildings currently located on Maumee Avenue, the City Council unanimously voted on May 8 to seek voter approval of major building improvements.  On the August 8 ballot, City of Grosse Pointe residents will be asked whether to support the issuance of up to $12.96 million in bonds to replace Public Safety and Services facilities. If approved, the City would be able to build a critically needed new headquarters for the Police and Fire Department, address building safety and inadequate conditions in the Public Services building, and make basic repairs and renovations to repurpose the existing Public Safety building on Maumee Avenue. 



Existing fire station bays: Steel ceiling beams can't be raised to fit replacement for nearly three decade old yellow pumper

Existing fire bay: Too tight to maintain and store equipment

Police station: Ceiling damage from multiple leaks in 1928 building despite many repairs

The booking area, detention cell, and interrogation room for suspects all share space with or access to the regular desktop workspace for police officers (shown below), putting safety at risk.

Existing public works yard: Uncovered vehicle storage with poor and unsafe maneuverability

Insufficient storage space with nowhere to preserve road salt or purchase supplies in bulk

Rust is evident on the rear of the truck that is exposed (below).

Employee lockers are in the lunch room, where there is a door to a single unisex bathroom stall and which also opens up to the vehicle maintenance bay.  There is no ventilation or windows.  There is no locker room to clean up after working with garbage or in a sewer pit, and no space for safety training.