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Public Services F.A.Q.

Please check out our most Frequently Asked Questions.


Q.  Do I have to treat my ash trees?

Only if you want to keep them!

Q.  How do I know if I have ash trees on my site?

Proper identification is important so you are not treating the wrong type of tree.  You may want to find a good identification or reference book or hire a professional to review your site.  Look for the 5-7 leaflets arranged in an opposite fashion on the stem of the compound leaf (usually 7-12 inches long).  buds are usually blunt tipped with 1-3 pairs of exposed scales.  This may be difficult to identify in the dormant season.

Q.  How should I determine which trees to treat?

This depends on the time of year and the stage of the life cycle of the insect.  Trunk injections appear to be the best method of applying a systemic insecticide.  Soil injections or drenches may also be effective.

Q.  How long will I have to treat my ash tree and can I do it myself?

You will have to treat until you no longer want the tree or until the insect is eradicated which may be unlikely.  Results of testing on products that produce the best resultsare not yet available.

Q.  if I treat my tress and my neighbor doe not will my trees still be susceptible?

The insect can lay its egges on the ash tree, treated or not.  If your tree has been treated then it should have the insecticide in its system to kill the larvae.