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City of Grosse Pointe Statement Regarding March 26, 2018 Fire

“The City of Grosse Pointe has had a Public Safety Department since the early 1980’s.  This model, also employed by all of the Grosse Pointes and at least 50 other communities across Michigan, cross trains its officers to be qualified to respond to both police and fire emergencies.  In small communities such as Grosse Pointe, this model increases availability of all staff on duty to handle emergencies whether they are police or fire calls, and often allows for quicker response times.  The Grosse Pointe communities support each other during emergencies utilizing a Mutual Aid Agreement that includes automatic fire aid from adjacent communities when fires occur.
The Grosse Pointe Public Safety Department is under the command of Stephen Poloni.  Director Poloni has broad experience in police and fire administration and has served the Grosse Pointe community very well.  He has increased the Department’s professionalism and performance in police and fire matters.  Director Poloni has more than 30 years of police and fire experience.  He started his career as a certified firefighter in 1983 in the River Rouge Fire Department.  He served 25 years for the Public Safety Department of Grosse Pointe Shores in a police and fire capacity, including eight as their Director before being hired as the City’s Public Safety Director after a competitive search process in 2011.  The City of Grosse Pointe is very proud to have such an experienced individual leading its Public Safety Department.
The City of Grosse Pointe Public Safety Department and the multiple other departments fighting the fire on the 500 block of Washington on March 26 did an admirable job responding to an intense fire that had fully engulfed one unoccupied home before the first 911 call was even received.  Fifteen mile per hour winds whipped the fire into the two adjacent homes, which started in a house under construction full of combustible materials and created a huge blaze. Through the extraordinary efforts of the City’s firefighters, led by incident commander Lt. Alan Gwyn, and of the firefighters from our mutual aid partners and the City of Detroit and the City of St. Clair Shores Fire Departments, the fire was contained.  These were difficult losses for the homeowners and for our community.  All of the more than forty firefighters from the eight different departments who responded should be commended for their work to contain the fire and to prevent anyone from getting hurt. ”

BATF and MI State Police fire experts were called in by the City to investigate the fires. While they could not determine the cause due to the extensive damage at 571 Washington (the house under construction where the fire started), there was no indication of arson.  Please review the PowerPoint summary of the fire response. (The file is large and will take time to load.)  Please contact Chief Stephen Poloni with any questions at 313 886-3200, ext. 6.


City of Grosse Pointe Statement Regarding Public Works Facility at 4849 Canyon 01/26/2018

City Upgraded to Highest Bond Rating

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Comprehensive Road Improvement Program

 In August of 2016, residents approved a new road millage of up to 2.5 mills annually.   

     Map           2018-2022 Road Improvement Presentation