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Water Main Update Notices

Washington Road - Mack to Chalfonte 06/30/2017

Washington Road - Chalfonte to Waterloo 07/13/2017

Washington Road - Mack to Waterloo 07/28/2017

Notre Dame - Alley at Starbucks to 702 Notre Dame 07/18/2017

Notre Dame - Alley at Starbucks to 702 Notre Dame 07/20/2017

Notre Dame - Alley at Starbucks to 702 Notre Dame 07/28/2017

Cadieux - Kercheval to Charlevoix 07/20/2017

Cadieux - Kercheval to Charlevoix 07/28/2017

Washington - Chalfonte to Waterloo 08/04/2017

Washington - St Paul to Maumee 08/04/2017

Maumee - Washington to Roosevelt Pl 08/04/2017

Washington - Chalfonte to Waterloo  08/11/2017

Washington - Maumee  08/11/2017

Cadieux - Kercheval to Charlevoix  08/11/2017

Street Resurfacing

Washington and Lakeland Street Resurfacing 08/10/2017

Sidewalk Ramp Replacement - Charlevoix at Loraine, Notre Dame, and Fisher Rd. 08/10/2017


City Upgraded to Highest Bond Rating

2017 Music on the Plaza concert schedule

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2016 Beautification Award Winners

Comprehensive Road Improvement Program

 In August of 2016, residents approved a new road millage of up to 2.5 mills annually. Map

Neff Road Pumping Station Sanitary Flowmeter Replacement

Great Lakes Water Authority (GWLA) assessment of Neff Road Pump Station flowmeter. Read here..

Project Bloom