DTE is now in the second year of a project to replace all of the gas mains in the community with high pressure lines.  The new mains will connect to each home and business with new gas meters at each location. Last year the project focused on the section of the City between Maumee and Jefferson. This year, DTE will first focus on the area south of Jefferson.  At the same time, separate crews will construct a new gas main loop for the rest of the City along Cadieux, Mack and Fisher Roads.  Once that new loop is installed, DTE will work in the residential areas on every street between Mack and Kercheval.  DTE will send letters to everyone in the affected neighborhoods with more information.

In May, DTE began final landscaping and sprinkler repairs south of Maumee starting with last year’s project area.  While this entire project is underway, the City continues to caution you not to undertake any major public sidewalk repairs, parkway landscaping projects, or where your gas meter is connected to your house.  DTE and its contractor Infrasource will be digging up many areas on and along the City sidewalks.   DTE is responsible for restoring all of the sidewalks and landscaping after its work is completed.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:   Visit www.dteenergy.com/gasrenewal

To View DTE's Gas Main Renewal Construction Plan for the City of Grosse Pointe, Click Here