Utility Bill Email Sign Up

Thank you for signing up to receive your utility bills via email.
Please use the contact form below and include the service address as well as the account number on the form.  You may choose email only or email in addition to a paper bill.  Please indicate your preference.
The following are our terms of service:

1.    E-Bill notification is a courtesy service.
2.    It is the responsibility of the person whose name is on the account to keep the City apprised of any change of the email address associated with the account.
3.    The City is not liable for failure of E-Bill transmission due to bounced e-mails, full e-mail boxes, internet access problems, network failures or any other delays or
        customer failure to receive E-Bill notifications.
4.    The City is not liable for unavailability of the online payment system due to circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to failure of hardware (yours or
        ours) or software (yours or ours).
5.    A 5% late fee will be applied to the current amount due after due date.
6.    Unpaid bills become a lien against the property.

By submitting this request,  you agree to the above terms of service.

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