Snow Removal Policy and Instructions

The fall leaf collection season is over.  Leaves will not be picked up after December 6 as we prepare equipment for snow removal.  Please bag all remaining compost and save until compost season resumes in April.

Snow Removal Policy

Plowing and Salting - Streets will be plowed when snow fall is 3 inches or greater.  Streets with less than 3 inches of snow will not be plowed, but will be spot salted. The City does not salt streets to a bare road surface.
Sidewalks - The clearing of snow from sidewalks adjacent to private property is the responsibility of the property owner or resident. As a courtesy, when snowfall accumulation is greater than 2 inches, the City will clear sidewalks during regular working hours, 5:30 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.
City personnel take every precaution to ensure that snow is removed in a safe manner but sometimes snow plowing results in property damage. Residents are reminded that the City is not responsible for damage to items in the public right-of-way such as sprinkler heads, shrubbery, plantings/planters, or any decorative materials.
The Public Works and Public Safety Departments will continue to monitor specific weather and road conditions to ensure the City roads are safe during snow removal season