A Message From Your Mayor

A Message From The Mayor - May 5, 2020

To my fellow City residents:

Over the last several months, we have learned a lot about ourselves and our community. That’s inevitable when you’re navigating through uncharted waters in the middle of a storm.

At the outset of the pandemic, I said that I had complete confidence that we would work together, take the appropriate precautions, and support each other. I haven’t been disappointed. The relatively low number of cases in the City of Grosse Pointe demonstrates that our community has made the difficult but necessary adjustments to weather the crisis.

City residents have done this with grace, compassion, and creativity. Our sidewalks are filled with chalk artwork, front doors are covered with hearts, and rainbows decorate windows. People out walking wave, smile, and greet each other warmly as they cross the street or step aside to maintain distance. It is clear that we are all in this together.

I would like to express my deep sympathy to those who have lost loved ones, and I am truly thankful to the folks who have worked so hard to keep our City running. I am especially thankful to you, our residents, for your extraordinary patience and resilience as the City has been operating on a restricted basis due to safety concerns and to comply with state regulations.

Despite the hardships, people have demonstrated incredible kindness and generosity. Community groups and individuals have come forward to support local businesses and thank our public safety officers, public works employees, health care professionals, and other essential workers who have put themselves on the line for all of us.

The City’s Grosse Pointe Boat Club with support from the City of Grosse Pointe Foundation raised enough funds to deliver hundreds of meals from locally owned restaurants to the City’s first responders, essential workers, and medical personnel at Henry Ford-Cottage and Beaumont Grosse Pointe. The club also provided food vouchers for workers at grocery and drug stores.

One Grosse Pointe City resident ordered lunch from The Little Club for every City employee. And a community member sent a generous check to the City on behalf of the Indian community, earmarked as a staff thank-you. People have taken care of each other: shopping for neighbors, picking up medications, delivering meals, and donating to food banks. 

That spirit of community has been inspiring. And we will need that spirit to continue as we look toward opening up. It will be more important than ever for us to support our local businesses while staying mindful of health and safety measures. I know that we are up to the task.

Although reopening the economy is expected to be slow and recovery will take awhile, I am confident we will weather this. We successfully managed the Great Recession by adapting quickly and being creative in our problem solving. We are taking that same approach now and will continue to do so going forward.

I would like to thank all of you for your continued cooperation and understanding as we navigate through these rough waters. Together we will come out of this stronger than ever.

Sheila Tomkowiak, Mayor

A Video Message From Mayor Sheila Tomkowiak - March 23, 2020