2020 Leaf Collection Schedule

CLICK HERE for a copy of leaf collection procedures and the 2020 pickup schedule.  Leaf collection ends December 4, 2020.

City Council Seeking Historic District Study Committee Volunteers

The City Council has authorized a study of whether homes in the estate area of Grosse Pointe would qualify for and should be included in a local historic district(s).  A historic preservation firm has been hired to conduct an intensive survey of the homes in and around the area zoned Estate Residential (found generally between Maumee and the lakefront).

To assist in this assessment, the City Council will be appointing a Study Committee to review the report of the historic preservation team.  The report will include a photographic inventory, historic research, and evaluation of study area.    After public input and discussion, the Committee will make recommendation about creating a historic district(s) to the City Council for consideration.

If you have any interest in serving on the Committee, please fill out the volunteer application on the City Website  and return to the City Clerk.  A majority of members of the Committee must have a clearly demonstrated interest in or knowledge of historic preservation, and shall contain representation from one or more duly organized local historic preservation organizations.

For more information regarding historic preservation and this study, please refer to the following presentation:

Intensive Level Survey Kick-off Informational Presentation