Additional Park Pass Application

Additional Park Pass Application

To apply for an additional park pass, please complete the form below. Please allow at least one week for processing and mailing of passes.

When completing the form below, please use the Resident's Name, Address, and Phone Number. 

Park passes are issued at the discretion of the Director of Parks and Recreation and the City Manager. Passes that are used improperly may be confiscated by Department staff. Additional rules may apply to park passes. A full copy of the rules may be obtained at the Neff Park office. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests while in Neff Park or Elworthy Field.

Care Provider passes may only be used by care providers when accompanying the children named on the front of the card. Other passes may only be used by the person(s) named on the front of the card. When completing the application, the resident’s information must go in the top portion. Care Provider passes can be renewed on a yearly basis by making a notation on your Emergency Response Form. Please indicate the names and ages of children requiring a care provider in the "Reason for Request" section.

Temporary Household Guest passes may be issued to households with guests staying for at least seven days. There is a maximum of one guest pass per household from May through September; one pass allows fifteen visits. A pass may allow up to a family (two adults and their children) to enter the park. Please indicate the dates of the stay in the "Reason for Request" section

Marina Access passes may be issued to nonresident co-owners of boats in the marina. Boat owners must be listed on the boat registration in order to be eligible for a non-resident marina access pass. A Marina Access pass allows the person(s) named on the front to be admitted to the park only for the purpose of going to the indicated well. Please provide the name, mailing address, home phone number and Well Number of the co-owner in the "Reason for Request" section

Care Provider, Guest, and Complimentary passes are only for access to Neff Park. Holders of these passes may not bring guests into the park. Also, participation in recreation programming will be limited for holders of these passes.

Applicant Information

Pass Number (current residents)






Reason For Request (for household guest pass, please indicate the dates they will be living with you)

 By signing below, I understand and agree to abide by the rules and policies regarding park passes issued to me.