Download The Passport Parking App - Your Passport to The Village

Download The Passport Parking App - Your Passport to The Village
The Passport parking application that has been available for use in The Village is now fully phased in and can be used to pay for parking at all on-street meters and off-street surface lots.

You can download the Passport application from either Google Play or the Apple app store, then look for the signs with the Passport logo below.  PASSPORT is available for use in all City parking lots and on-street instead of paying at meters or pay stations.  Use the parking zone number on the nearest light pole sign to start your parking session.  The convenience fee is only twenty-five cents and is not charged again when you add time to your session.

Passport Parking Application - Prepayments
The Passport Parking Application is now accepting “prepayments” between the hours of 6 am and 9 am in all Passport parking areas.

This new feature allows the parking customer to make a payment on their phone before parking enforcement starts at 9 am.  For example, if an individual arrives to a class or work at 7 am, they can now pay at that time on their phone (before 9 am) and the time purchased will automatically begin at 9 am.

CLICK HERE for additional parking information.

Passport Parking Application - Directions
For directions on how to use the Passport app, CLICK HERE for a short video or follow the simple steps below:

passport parking steps